The Job Seeker Accelerator Program


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Whether you’ve been on the job market or are starting your search for the first time, this plan is built for people who want to excel in their job search and gain confidence with expert recruiters to guide their every move.

The recruiting team from Recruitomics Consulting will work directly with you to maximize your success.

Great for Job Seekers looking to get a job fast!

Duration: Monthly; cancel at any time

30-day money-back guarantee*

What's Included:

  • All Course Offerings, downloads, and templates
  • All past and future events and coaching sessions available as on-demand replays
  • Private dedicated chat rooms with themes like 'resumes' and 'offer negotiation'
  • Answers to Job Search questions within 24 hours (Monday-Friday)
  • Weekly Hot Seat Coaching Practice Interview Skills Like Delivering Your Elevator Pitch and Answering Common Questions
  • Option to add on a bespoke Resume Review, LinkedIn Review, and Mock Interview for 50% off

Hi, I'm Carina.

After a decade of building startup biotechs, my team and I are excited to help people confidently navigate the process of finding jobs they love, then thriving in their careers.

Why did I create the Accelerator Program? I'm the Founder and CEO of Recruitomics Consulting. We've helped over 80 startups scale by hiring thousands of employees over the past ten years. I can't even count the number of candidates asking begging for guidance and feedback over that time.

I always provided help as I could, but after a decade on the corporate hiring side, I realized that support from our team of amazing industry recruiters, along with custom resources and feedback, would save candidates a lot of anguish. Now it’s time for me and my team to start sharing our expertise.

Are you Struggling to Make Sense of the Biotech Job Market?

Your job search doesn’t need to leave you feeling drained

You deserve a job where you can make a difference and get paid well to do it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, and unsure of how to navigate the job market—you’re not alone. Thousands of new and experienced candidates know the struggle of going through a job search.

Do you send endless applications with no response or a generic closeout email from the company? Have you ever interviewed and been let go from a process without explanation?

It's a slog. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You CAN learn how to easily navigate job searches to get great offers and pursue promotions throughout your career.

By the Numbers:

The industry is TOUGH, but an investment into coaching pays dividends.

  • 60% of jobs are found through networking
  • 75% of resumes are rejected before they reach the hiring manager
  • 77% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn so yours needs to sell
  • A great resume boosts your earning potential by an average of 7% - That's $7K for every $100K!
  • Only 5% of applicants earn a face-to-face interview
  • The average job search in the U.S. takes 5 months
  • Job Seekers Land 2.67x Faster with Job Search Assistance
  • 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills
  • On average, career and professional coaching has a 221% ROI

Our Accelerator Program Includes:

Weekly live events

All events are recorded, so you can review them on-demand at any time.

  • Ask a Recruiter - Weekly chats about job seeker topics
  • Professional Development - Friday foundations to help your career
  • Workshops - Practice your interview skills out loud to a group! It really helps.


Courses and downloads to help with your job search and beyond.

  • Job Seekers - Resume, LinkedIn, and Interview Skills
  • Leadership Certification - Coming soon!
  • Professional Development - Courses meant to help you thrive after your search, in your career


This community is built for long-term connections and continual growth.

  • Get ready to grow - Meet people who will challenge you to grow
  • Mentor - Find mentorship, and provide mentorship to others
  • Build a network - Connect with a community of biotech employees and future employees

You do your best when you’re confident.

  • Take control of your job search and your career
  • Be your best self, feeling confident, supported, and inspired
  • Grow your network and find meaningful connections in the industry to last a lifetime
  • Invest in yourself, it will pay dividends


Sign up for our Biotech Jobseeker Accelerator Membership.

There's no risk, and you can cancel at any time.

Add An Elite Review Bundle

After working in the accelerator and getting feedback on your application and interview process, you might want a little extra help. Add our Review Bundle to get personalized, bespoke feedback on your Resume and LinkedIn Profile, as well as a 1:1 mock interview with transcript and feedback. This bundle includes all three services for a one-time special price of $197.00 (50% off!)

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Biotech Job Seeker Accelerator


We've got A's for your Q's

Money is tight; how do I know it's worth it?

If you've never invested in coaching before, it can be scary. That's why we've created a guarantee* to ensure you can get your money back if it (for some reason) does not work for you.

Once you invest in coaching, you'll see its power. Carina has spent over $75,000 in coaching and masterminds during the 10 years she's run Recruitomics Consulting. Direct coaching from experts is the fastest way to level up.

In this case, studies show that job seekers who seek expert coaching land jobs an average of 2.67x faster - what is that worth to you?

What kinds of topics do you cover in your live events?

Many! We have weekly "Ask a Recruiter" events that rotate through topics of interest to both job seekers and hiring managers. We have bi-weekly Friday Foundations with a professional development and leadership topics rotation. We have bi-monthly guest speakers for DEI topics and a rotating list of guests for a career paths series. Finally, we have accelerator member Hot Seats and Workshops every week so you can get direct feedback and polish your skills!

Finally, we want to know what YOU want to see. We can bring in speakers on various topics, and we'll send out surveys to learn what you want from the community.

Do I need to attend every event?

Not at all; everything is available in a searchable replay library. If you do attend live, you get to ask questions, which is always fun!

I'm not on the job market, is this still valuable for me?

Probably not, unless you plan to start applying within the first 30 days. If you are a student just learning about biotech and getting ready for a future job search, we recommend our Free Career Catalyst Slack Group. However, our Accelerator programs have job application action items and deliverables, so be sure to come back when you are ready to make your move.

Ready to dive in?

Yes, we know scientists like to get ALL of the information - we do the same thing.

But this is the end of the page, so if you have any other questions or you are on the fence, please reach out to [email protected]

*30-Day Refund Policy 💳

You have to take enough risks in life; this program shouldn’t be one of them. Try the program for 30 days, and if you do the work, attend the training and workshops, implement, and still don’t see results - simply show us your work, and we’ll be happy to refund your entire purchase. See full Terms and Conditions below.

Biotech Job Seeker Accelerator Terms and Conditions